Scientists spend a lot of time in the field and laboratory to do research. They also compete for grants, act as mentors, give presentations at seminars, and draft papers, among other things.

Since they need one another, science coalitions are formed to integrate all fields of scientific endeavour with a view to making the world a better place. Basically, science coalitions are non-profit associations based in almost 50 countries worldwide.

These coalitions are dedicated to garnering support from federal agencies to spur innovation, drive global competitiveness, and boost national economies.

Why Science Coalitions Are Formed

Science coalitions are endowed with great responsibility, and they invest energy and time to meet their various scientific objectives.

Such coalitions are needed when large organisations realise they cannot work alone due to insufficient resources.

Advantages of Science Coalitions

There are a plethora of benefits that come with joining science coalitions. These advantages can be both long- or short-term, direct or indirect.

It is prudent, therefore, for organisations to understand that being part of a science coalition brings a multiplicity of advantages, such as the following:

  • Better assessment of needs
  • Improved communications and public image
  • Secure copyrights
  • Valuable resources

How Science Coalitions Promote Global Health

Science makes everything possible and expands human knowledge. Because science coalitions only want the best for humanity, they provide valuable resources and technology to carry out research.

With effective technology and adequate resources, scientists can promote global health by creating life-saving vaccines, treatments, and cures. With these in its arsenal, the scientific community can curb deadly diseases, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.


As can be seen in this article, science coalitions are essential for promoting global health and saving lives. Therefore, if you are in an organisation, be sure to join a science coalition to enjoy the many benefits that come with membership.