Math and science are important parts of just about any job. Everyone from video game programmers to graphic designers and electricians to nurses use math and science skills on a daily basis. But today’s employers are finding that American students don’t know basic math skills and it’s becoming a problem. Plus, many of the growing fields, such as computers and life sciences, require more than just basic math and science.
If you’re looking for a high-paying and secure career that’ll continue to be in-demand in the future, the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics offer hundreds of possibilities. The state’s student loan program even offers loan forgiveness programs to help Missourians complete their education in certain fields.

Where do I find information about financial assistance?
Missouri’s college loan agency offers loan forgiveness to students who go into certain STEM-related fields. Learn about financial assistance to help you earn a degree by visiting the MOHELA website. Also, check out the resources tab on our website for information on scholarships and internships available to Missouri students.




  Missouri S&T Solar Car Team

July, 2010




  Conway High School

National Champions
2010 BEST Robotics Competition