The role parents play in the life of their children is unlike any other. More than the skills they learn in school, parents and guardians can help foster their child's enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in unique ways. No matter what their age, take time to encourage your child to take challenging math and science classes, understand the science behind everyday activities, and develop a curiosity about how things operate.
Students who start preparing early for higher education will be rewarded in a number of ways. According to The Math Path, which is a student credentialing system that helps middle and high school students prepare for the challenges of college, the student who completes only Algebra I has an 8 percent chance of earning a college degree, versus an 80 percent chance for the student who completes calculus. Whatever course of study your child decides on later in life, they will benefit from a strong foundation in STEM-related skills.
Where do I find resources to encourage my child?
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Excellent resources for ways to develop your child's interest in math and science at home.
Missouri's-own Jason Lindsey makes science fun and engaging for students of all ages.
A natural curiosity begins at an early age. Here are some tips on how to get your child off on the right foot.

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