What are our accomplishments?

  • BRINGING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE CLASSROOM - The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition has secured funding to launch more than 100 model classrooms that combine the eMINTS teaching methods using technology with mathematics and science instruction. The eMINTS National Center is a non-profit, independent business unit of the University of Missouri, which provides a research-based approach to organizing instruction that can be implemented in any subject area at any level. eMINTS was recently awarded a $12 million grant by the U.S. Department of Education to bring technology and intensive professional development to more than 5,000 middle school students in 60 rural Missouri districts through a research study over the next 5 years. The Coalition will be supporting eMINTS to promote the program and distribute the results of the study.

  • INCREASING THE NUMBER OF EDUCATORS IN STEM FIELDS - The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition was a key supporter of legislation to pass alternative certification for teachers, so that professionals could go into Missouri classrooms to teach and shore up teaching shortages in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • IMPROVING STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN STEM FIELDS - The Coalition helped launch the Show- Me Scholars Initiative, which connects business mentors with students to encourage them to take more rigorous classes in high school. The program is being implemented in schools all around the state. A recent study showed that sudents that completed the rigorous courses, like the Show-Me Scholars standards, scored an average of 2.6 points higher on the ACT than their peers and 102 points higher on the SAT.

  • INCREASING THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS PURSUING STEM CAREERS - The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition helped promote a loan forgiveness program with the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority for freshmen entering pre-engineering programs for 2007-2008. This effort reduced Stafford Student Loan balances by up to $3,500 for college freshmen entering pre-engineering programs.

  • RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF STEM FIELDS - The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition has built an informative website and we distribute electronic newsletters highlighting best practices in STEM education to more than 3,000 contacts each quarter. The first week of March 2010 has been designated as the week to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and last year we hosted a robotics tournament in the Capitol Rotunda. Members of our Coalition have made presentations at hundreds of events and classrooms over the last four years.

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